Empowering Environmental Excellence

Explore our comprehensive environmental solutions, from engineering innovations to precise assessments, ensuring sustainable outcomes.

NEC: Where Expertise Thrives

An employee-owned consultancy, we blend experience with innovation, navigating regulations seamlessly for your projects’ success.

Integrity in Every Project

NEC pledges transparency, honesty, and efficiency, adhering to international standards, providing quality services with a sustainable touch.

Welcome to Naledzi Environmental Consultants (NEC)

your trusted partner in environmental consulting services since 2003

With over two decades of dedicated service, NEC has been at the forefront of delivering top-notch environmental solutions across South Africa.

Our Services

At NEC, we pride ourselves on a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet your environmental needs:

Environmental Engineering

Our expert engineers harness innovative solutions to address complex environmental challenges, ensuring sustainable outcomes for your projects.

Environmental Permitting and Licensing

We navigate the intricate web of regulations, securing permits and licenses efficiently, ensuring your projects adhere to all legal requirements.

Environmental Assessments

Thorough assessments are the backbone of our services. We delve deep into environmental impact assessments, providing valuable insights crucial for informed decision-making.

Groundwater Resource Investigations and Modelling

NEC’s specialized teams conduct in-depth investigations and sophisticated modeling, safeguarding groundwater resources and promoting responsible usage.

Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production Assessments

We optimize your processes, promoting resource efficiency and cleaner production, aligning your operations with sustainable practices.

Our Clients