About Us
Founded in 2003, Naledzi Environmental Consultants (Pty) Ltd (NEC) is a proudly 100% Black and 56% women-owned enterprise in the environmental consulting sector. NEC prides itself on being an employee-owned entity, managed by a balanced team of young, dynamic, and highly skilled male and female professionals.

NEC is dedicated to delivering top-tier environmental services, enhancing shareholder value, and ensuring stakeholders' utmost satisfaction.

NEC commits to substantial investment in staff development, adhering to professional business conduct that leverages a blend of regulatory, self-regulatory, and market-based tools for optimal project outcomes.

Core values and work ethics

At NEC, our pledge is to provide services with integrity, efficiency, honesty, and transparency, fostering a sustainable customer experience. We engage in projects where we hold both qualification and accreditation, complying with internationally recognised systems and adhering to current legislative frameworks at all levels.

Our Team

These graduates represent a dynamic and knowledgeable addition to the Naledzi team, each contributing their unique educational backgrounds and burgeoning expertise to the company’s environmental projects. Their involvement underscores Naledzi’s commitment to nurturing new talent in the field of environmental sciences.

Memberships/Registrations and/or Affiliations

Naledzi Environmental Consultant’s members are fully registered members of the following organisations: